To get sleep, wet two cotton balls with a drop of water and place one on each eyelid. You will receive “feedback” when you think. Relax your eyes and let your tongue relax into the floor of your mouth. Be patient, keep trying night after night, sleep with come.

Scotch Tape
On a day you are home alone, place a piece of scotch tape across your brow. Notice as it tugs at your brow as you began to “effort” or think anxious thoughts. Relax your brow and mental images.

Smile, even when no one is around. It is true that it relaxes 42 muscles on your face. Start at the corners of your mouth and feel it lift up your cheeks and light up your eyes.

Neck and Shoulder Tension
For a relief from neck and shoulder tension, provided you have no neck problems: Allow your head to fall forward for only one minute. Try this several times a day.

The benefits are plentiful. If you can’t start a formal program, choose simple ways like taking the stairs or walking briskly to your destination.

Basic Nutrition
Eat breakfast. Minimize caffeine and sugar intake. Eat regularly.

Be Kind
Be unusually kind to everyone your meet. You never know what difficulties a person may carry.

More Info
For more information about your personal stress score, Google: “Holmes and Rhea Social Adjustment Scale.”


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