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Marylou Gantner was overwhelmed with anxiety in her early 20s. Marriage, family, religion, meditation and therapy offered only brief periods of respite. In her junior year at Rollins College, she undertook independent studies in Psychology at the University of Florida. One morning she heard a presentation by the renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Wolpe. He was world-famous for his groundbreaking treatment of anxiety and stress disorders. He said, “If you are relaxed, you can’t be anxious and tense. Relaxation is a technical skill anyone can learn.” Hearing these words changed her life.

Marylou Gantner is now a Scientific Relaxation Specialist with over 40 years in private practice in Central Florida. She studied with and was certified by Dr. Joseph Wolpe at Temple University School of Medicine, Behavior Unit in Philadelphia. She graduated from Rollins College in 1973 and completed courses in her field at the University of Florida, Harvard University, the University of Central Florida, and Temple University.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of Scientific Relaxation, Marylou developed Orlando Regional Mental Health Center’s first outpatient pain control clinic. In addition, she trained individual patients in anxiety and tension control methods. As the Center’s first Educational Director, Marylou developed a series of community and professional training seminars lead by international scientists in the field of Scientific Relaxation and Stress Management.

Today Marylou trains clients to restore mental and physical well-being by identifying and relaxing excessive neuromuscular tension patterns that create stress symptoms and illness. Many of her clients are referred by physicians, lawyers, and mental health therapists. She has a passionate belief that people can develop high level wellness and personal excellence when the basic skills of Scientific Relaxation are practiced in daily life. Since Marylou opened her private practice in 1977, she has guided thousands of clients of every age into new lifestyles of health and vitality.



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